Known to almost everyone in the carton packaging industry in Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, and the Middle East, Mr. Mohamed Taleb Abed; is the ultimate father and the expert in carton converting business.

“Known a man of wisdom”, Mr. Abed is a business genius and a financial strategist. To the people nearest to him, he is a compassionate and generous father who is ready —all the time— to help out people in need. He is naturally humanitarian and born philanthropist.

From his humble beginnings in Palestine, he was trained in Business Management Practice Diploma, under the auspices of UNRWA, the United Nations For Relief and Works Agency, on 1961 in Kalandia, Jerusalem. He further pursued Business Administration degree -under graduate- in Beirut Arab University, Lebanon; while settling in Saudi Arabia.

His early exposure to corporate environment included his working stints in multinational companies like Procter & Gamble and Aramco; learning the ropes of business statusquo. Thereafter confidently set up his business partnership and soon as the sole owner of Nasr Packaging & Printing Company.

Assuring the continuance of his legacy in the business industry, Mr. Abed has trained his sons and delegated responsibilities to his eldest son Eng. Taleb Abed as company General Manager and youngest son Mr. Ahmed Abed as Finance Manager, and helping them a highly skilled well-trained Management Team.

Message from the Founder

More than four decades on its establishment, Nasrpac a pioneer in converting industry in Saudi Arabia. Still on top of its field of packaging solutions, and remains today in the business owing guiding business principles built towards dealing with customers as partners. Not limited to our customers, yet we treat our suppliers too as partners.

On 2014, Nasrpac invested in a new plant site located in Jeddah Industrial City – Al Khumra. Our foremost objective was to enlarge and expand our site area to accommodate the increase in plant operation capacity.

“We invested in new site, side by side, we invested in new machines to augment existing machines.” It is our policy to prioritize our customers’ requirements, as our partners, to continuously provide uninterrupted service and maintain consistent quality standard.

On top of our machines and site capacity, Nasrpac as a family owned business embodies a company who takes care of its people as family of its own. Known to all members of the team that Nasrpac is a long-term and lifetime employment who values loyalty and perseverance.

We are determined to invest and develop Nasrpac with the advent of technology and innovation. And Nasrpac will continue to be responsible for the welfare of its people and to significantly contribute to the whole society in general.